Hagood Avenue Baptist Church
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Music Ministry
Adult Music Team
The Adult singers takes first hand involvement in bringing the Living Christmas Tree and the Passion Play to the
public every other year. For more on these events, click on links below. Click here for
Choir Music Page link.

Praise Team
The Praise Team is presently made up of 7 members and began in 2004. Piano (Jennie Davis), Electric
Guitar (Mark Griffitt), Bass (John Rutland), and Drums (Jamie Rutland). Scott (Acoustic) serves as leader and
lead vocal. Deanna Grubbs and Barbara Bell joined vocals in January of 2005. Bailey Brown served as vocal
from September 2011 to 2013 before going off to college. Rebekah Davis Thrasher has joined our team with
lead & harmonies. In 2017, Mike Croft and Jeremy Roland join as acoustic and vocals. In 2018, Stephanie Lott
joined on the keyboard. The Praise Team leads a portion of our Sunday morning worship in song.

AWANA Kids Music
Our Children meet every Sunday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm during the school year (September to May). The
AWANA kids learn songs throughout the school year and we put them in worship a couple times each year to
share songs they are learning.

Youth Interpretive Movement
Youth "HIM" group #1 has a total of 10 participants that make a message through interpreting songs through
movement, acting out the words, or panomime. The group is led by Deanna Grubbs, Julia Dickinson, and
Barbara Bell.

Easter Passion Play
Presented every other year (even years; 2014, 2016, etc). Hagood brings about 130 people together to present
the gospel story of Christ's miracles, teachings, trial, crucifixion, resurrection, ascention and heaven scene.

Living Christmas Tree
Presented every other year (even years; 2014, 2016, etc). Hagood brings about 85 people together to present
the songs from it's Living Christmas Tree with up to 65 singers and a skit team to portray a story line with humor
and serious thoughts reflecting a gospel message.

Special Music
As often as people are available to share through a special song they are placed in as a part of our worship.

From time to time Hagood has hosted concerts from local singers to big name artist. This began in 1993 when
Scott brought the nationally known and dove award winning group "
Truth" to Barnwell. The concert brought
hundreds from across the state and many from Georgia. Also having done concerts have been
The Harvesters, The Ruppes, John Rutland, Stephen Rutland, and Don Sanders. In 2002 Hagood brought dove
award nominee,
Janet Paschal. In 2003, Tony Ellenburg (song writer for Stephen Curtis Chapman and Amy Grant) came
to Hagood. One of the biggest endeavors was our
2003 Homecoming Music Event featuring over 25 musicians
that reunited to usher in Hagood's 50th birthday. This event began at 6:00pm and twenty-eight songs and 3
hours later we all knew that this event would go down in Hagood history as one of the grandest music events.
We've also had
"LooseStone" in concert on several occasions, the latest being homecoming 2012. Our most
recent concert was (dove award nominee group of the year)
"33 Miles" & Harris III.

Media Ministry
Media appears on our music page because the Music committee joined director Scott Brown in giving birth to this
concept and vision to see it implemented. This ministry is not a new idea but a new era for our church. The
desire to make the worship experience better through sound, video, lighting, and media. This will include dual
screen projections for our worshippers to see, better home and shut-in ministry videos, and improved sound.
The media concept is designed also to move all technical workers to one location area. Pray for us as we move
in the direction of making these changes that will result in a better experience.
LCT 1996
Wednesdays at 7pm
Passion Play
Passion Play
Living Christmas Tree
Youth "HIM"
Barnwell, SC