Hagood Avenue Baptist Church
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Join Hagood & many other churches and homes across Americia in November as Billy Graham
shares the message of Hope.
DNOW Weekend
November 8, 2013
November 3rd is HOMECOMING 2013.
We will be celebrating 60 years of ministry.
Formed as a mission of FBC of Barnwell in 1953.
Guest Speaker: Roger Head ~ Special Music ~ Dinner after
Come Join Us !
First thing I want to do is thank God and my church for doing so much for me and my family.  I am not going to talk about my
childhood, just about my cancer.  January will be 2 years since I found a lump under my left arm. I went to a surgeon and he said
he was sure it was cancer, but he didn’t think it was that bad. When he went in it was worse than he thought.  He removed 26
lymph nodes, 13 were cancerous.  They started me taking radiation Monday through Friday for 4 weeks.  I would drive to
Columbia then to Orangeburg for work.  When I finished that, I started chemo in an IV for 2 hours and 30 minutes, Monday
through Friday.  I would sleep while Maryann would go around passing out Bibles and had several people become saved.  If one
person is saved because of my cancer journey, it’s worth it.  They got where they could not get a vein so they sent me to get a
picc line. 7 days later I got a staff infection.  I went into the hospital for 12 days.  They thought they were going to have to remove
my arm but with medications they were able to stop the staff infection and they removed 6 inches of vein from my arm.  They said
my body was too weak to start back chemo. They waited 2 months, they did a MRI and a CT scan.  The doctor took Maryann out of
the room and told her that I had brain, lung, and stomach tumors that were terminal. They didn’t want to tell me but Maryann said,
“No, he needs to know. We don’t keep anything from each other.” The doctor came in, put his arm around me, started to cry, and
told me I had terminal cancer.  I put my arm around him and said, “It’s ok. I’m not going to let it whip me because God’s on my
side.” They started me on chemo pills. I had gamma knife 3 times until I started having seizures. They started me on more
medications.  During all this, Kathy Shaner drove me to Columbia, a lot of friends from our church family helped put a new roof
on my house,  and they built a wheelchair ramp for me.  They also brought us food and fixed our fence.  Many people helped put
together fundraisers for us.  About 2 months ago they told me there was nothing else they could do so they turned me over to
Hospice and that is where I am at.

Through all of this God has taught me that there is always hope through cancer and any struggle in life.  God has changed me
for the good.  Since getting cancer, I feel I am a totally different person than what I was.  I rarely if ever read the Bible, never
prayed, I stayed angry all the time, and I got angry at others who had more than I had.  I felt I deserved more than what I had
because I worked hard through life.  And when I got sick I realized there was more important things in life than possessions.
Before I got sick, I felt like no one cared about me and I had no friends.  But God has shown me true friendship. People have told
me I was an inspiration to them and it makes me feel good to know my cancer journey has inspired others.
Watch his video:
Phillip Fail's Testimony:
I’m the girl with the broken smile, and it’s been like this for quite a while.
My husband continues to go down  hill, It’s like riding a roller coaster but without the thrill.
Melanoma cancer, like the rest is a beast. We prayed and had faith the cancer would cease.
Not in God’s plan or just not today. They stopped his radiation, chemo and now we just pray.
God is a good god, He loves us all. He walks beside us or carries us so we don’t fall.
My husband has been faithful, loving, and true. Because that’s what he promised when we said I Do.
So as I held his hand, through this sickness and pain. I know one thing I’ve learned and gained.
God has a plan for all of us you see. Because without God where in the world would we all be?
MaryAnn Brabham Fail's Poem: